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Lynet Witty

OH wow! what a great idea! I've always to know what to do with clay without making beads...this is genius! thanks for sharing!

Anna Z

How useful and pretty simple to make. love this.

Jane Hinchliffe

Lovely idea... Thank you for sharing.

Oana Befort

This is so pretty!!

Elba :: Live Colorful ::

Gosh that's genius! I have been wanted to play with clay for while now and funny finally today I went and bought some. I can't wait to try something like this. So adorable and easy.
Thanks Rebecca!
Xo. Elba

Sara Strauss

So cute! This is such a wonderful idea!
Sincerely, Sara


I love this clay piece, I need to make one for myself!

I'm just so in love with your blog, with your posts and the classic layout.


i absolutely love this idea! when i first saw the pic i thought what is that? it's so cool, oh that must have been expenive from some coo boulder store. and then I realized you probably made it and you did! it gives me inspiritation and is a good reminder that we can make things! i want to try that direction more before buying things :) You rock girlfirend!

ilene @muchloveilly

gorgeous! love this tutorial - but also loving your little work of art with that yellow flower!


wow, love this tutorial!

Cattail Down

Hey Manzanita!
We love your blog! We found it something like a week ago and have been kind of using you as an inspiration to get more motivated with our own page! (www.CattailDown.Typepad.com) This paint brush holder was a great idea because, anytime we've ever painted anything together, I always clumsily lay my brush down and get paint/water all over the floor, rag, or paper towel. I'm just a mess, but giving them a solid foundation to lay on while they wait to be used... it's genius!

We did some DIY this weekend too except we were gardening and making a bucket list book as a birthday present. Keep up the good work! You and your husband help keep us inspired to blog as a couple- and your pictures are always awesome!

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